Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Favorite classes and creating a schedule...

When I create my schedule, I look at all the classes I still have to take. Once I figure out what I want to take, I see what times the class is offered and write them down. After I get all my classes wrote down with all the times they are offered, I start to see what it looks like on Microsoft Excel so I don’t overlap classes. This gives me a visual of what my week will look like. I try to find the classes that don’t have class on Fridays, so I can have an extra day off during the week to get caught up on homework, projects, and studying before the weekend gets here.

My favorite classes would have to be Literature for Elementary School, Preschool and Elementary Nutrition Education, Child Development, and Classroom Behavioral Management.  I enjoyed these classes because of the teachers that I had.  They knew how to get the students engaged and involved and want to learn more from that class.  For example, in Literature for Elementary School, I had Dr. McCall for my teacher, and for one of the in class assignments, she read us a book while we filled out the worksheet.  Also, this class we were able to read children books and brought back the memories of my parents reading books to me when I was younger.  The teacher can make any class fun to be in by the way they present things.  If you like a teacher for one class, see if they teach other classes and get into them so you know you will enjoy the class.

 If you need any help creating a class schedule, looking up instructors, or help with your degree audit, visit the SSS office!  Any of the student mentors can help you with your schedule and would be more than happy to help!
Good luck!

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