Tuesday, March 5, 2013

How Social Media Can Impact Your Job Search

In today’s day and age, the vast majority of those around us are using some sort of social networking site, including potential employers. Not only are they using these sites to actively recruit employees, but also using them to check out applicants before hiring them or even granting them an interview. Today, maintaining a social profile that sheds a positive light on you and maintains your professional appearance is yet another hoop to jump through before getting a job in this competitive market.

According to glassdoor.com, there are 5 simple ways to keep your online life from being detrimental to your professional life. These are:

1)      Do not use vulgar or obscene words. Employers will assume you use the same language online as you do in public, and they will not take the chance of you misrepresenting their company with your language.

2)      Avoid negativity. Employers want upbeat, positive workers so do your best to portray yourself in this way.

3)      Do not gossip. Again, employers will assume that if you currently post things about others, you will continue to, which may negatively affect public outlook on their company.

4)      Being overly outspoken about your opinions, especially regarding sensitive topics can send a red flag for employers. They would like to maintain a positive, harmonious environment rather than one of constant debate and conflict.

5)      Go through your tagged pictures. Employers generally prefer clean cut employees with good hygiene. If you doubt whether a picture sends that message to a stranger looking at it, delete it.

Remember, social media is not all bad. Many people have utilized these sites to network and have landed jobs through these outlets. Mashable.com has posted a short article called “7 Secrets to Getting Your Next Job Using Social Media” that can be found by following this link: http://mashable.com/2009/01/05/job-search-secrets/.  It is never too early to start making those valuable contacts with employers! I highly recommend reading this article to learn how you can be proactive with your online profiles.

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Finding a Job in the Ville

Submitted by Aislinn Goad, SSS Mentor

Though it may seem like there aren’t many available jobs in this small town, Northwest offers many resources to help find a job. Whether you need money to pay for tuition, a little extra cash, or a position to help pad your résumé, here are some sites to aid you in your search:

  •  http://www.nwmissouri.edu/hr/student/index.htm - The Northwest website has a Student Employment page. Just click on “Job Postings” and scroll through the list of available positions. Most will have a description of the job and a due date, with an attached application. Just fill one out as needed and follow the directions about turning it in. Make sure to click on “Non-University Employment” as well, as there are sometimes postings for positions such as babysitters.
  • http://www.campusdish.com/en-US/CSMW/NorthwestMissouri/ContactUs/ - Campus Dining has a separate website with job postings for jobs at places on campus such as the Food Court or Freshens. Just click on “Employment” and fill out an application!
  • http://www.nwmissouri.edu/careerserv/HABinfo.htm - Career Services is a great resource, and has a program called “Hire A Bearcat.” This is a place where Northwest students can look for jobs and internships. You can upload a résumé and look at lots of current openings.
  • There are also many resources online such as www.monster.com  and http://www.maryvilledailyforum.com/ (The Maryville newspaper) where you can search for positions in the area.


Good luck on your search!!

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Budgeting Tips from a Fellow College Student

         Do you often find yourself in a situation where you are out of money and it’s only been a week since you got your last parent installment or salary? Budgeting and making sure you have enough money to pay for rent or being able to go out and eat at the end of the week is something that most college students struggle with no matter what their income level is.

To learn how to understand the value of money and create a buffer is not always the easiest. Most people in college have some kind of extra job besides classes but with all the expenses and activities that a college student may engage in, it is hard to have anything left to save at the end of the month. A buffer is great to have in cases of unexpected expenses or if you perhaps want to go on a spring break trip, or if you just want to buy that cool shirt you found at the mall. An easy way to get going with your saving is by putting away 10% of your salary every month. This may not seem like a whole lot to you depending on how much you make, but it makes a great difference in the long-run. By having a buffer not only will you have some extra money, you will also avoid using credit cards and other type of fee associated payment options that build bad debt. Even though credit cards are great, they tend to lead to expensive interest charges and bad credit scores.

            A budget should include all your monthly expenses and if you find it hard to think of what these might be, use your online bank statements to look them up. Your version of a monthly budget might look a little bit different but this is the template I use.
    Good luck with your budget - remember, the SSS mentors are always here if you need help getting started!!

 - Carl Larsson

Friday, February 15, 2013

There's An App For That - SERIOUSLY, There Is!!

Have you ever wanted to use your smart phone for something other than texting and Facebook?
While those things are great, wouldn’t it be nice if your phone could help you with your homework? And no, I’m not talking about the pre-installed calculator app. Besides the countless “Top 10 Educational App” searches you can do,  this short blog will explain a few of my favorites as well as some very useful college-level apps for your phone along with some helpful links.

Let’s first start off with the free Cornell Note-taking App for iPads. This app allows you to have the power of Cornell Note-taking at the end of your fingertips and access to free blank outlines.

·        Check it out here: http://cornell-note-taking-app.allmynotes.org/       

For you educators out there, also be aware that there is a free Course Standards app. To help you with all of your planning needs. It’s free!

Since I’m more of a science nerd than anything, a lot of my favorite apps are science related. I’m pretty fond of Discover News. You can be sure to impress your professors by staying up-to-date with the breaking news in the science world. From a new dinosaur finding, to the ongoing discussion on Pluto, they’re sure to have it.
I might also suggest SkyView. This app will actually let you find any celestial body or satellite in the sky, day or night by using your phones camera; so yeah, we’ve even got Astronomy covered.  There are also several Periodic Table apps to help you with Chemistry, Google Earth for Geography and countless Anatomy related apps. If you have a class with homework, there’s probably an app for that, and that’s no joke!

So why not close out of Facebook and your Message Center (for you “multitaskers”) and give your app store a visit. Many of these apps are free and can help you towards getting the grade you want. Your phone is called a smart phone for a reason, so put it to work and let it help you take the smart road through college.

Below you will find some helpful links to some of the other top education apps on the web. Check them out; they might just make that smart phone even smarter.


Tuesday, February 12, 2013

FAFSA = Money!!!

What more money for college? Do you fill out your FAFSA every year? Well if you don’t you are wasting a large amount of money! Here is a little about the FAFSA someone applying or needs to remember:


    • You must have financial need
    • U.S. citizen or eligible non citizen
    • Enrolled in an eligible degree or certificate program at college or career school


1.  The first step in the FAFSA process begins with visiting http://www.fafsa.ed.gov/
If you are a new user you must create an account. You do this by clicking “Start a New FAFSA”.  Here is where you will enter your Name, SSS number, etc.

 2.  The second section of the application deals with dependency status. This will include questions regarding income and assets of a student’s parents.

3.  The third section deals with parental information such as income and tax returns.

4.  The fourth section deals with your student finances.

NOTE:  You MUST complete the FAFSA every year...most think you do it once and that is NOT the case!!! 


Missouri: April 1st

(This date varies between states)

It depends on the state your college is located!


If you would like more help with the FAFSA or need more information about financial aid, stop by the SSS office and let us know!  You can also contact the Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships on campus. 


Want to sit down with a Financial Aid representative who can walk you through the FAFSA process?  Make arrangements to attend the FAFSA Frenzy on the campus of Northwest Missouri State on Sunday, February 17th from 2-4 pm in Colden Hall room 1200.  YOU DON’T NEED TO HAVE COMPLETED YOUR TAXES TO COMPLETE THE FAFSA!!!


 Just make sure you get it submitted by the deadline – you can always go back and make changes once your parents file their tax return.

Friday, February 8, 2013

Getting Involved to Get the Job

(via SSS Student Mentor Kayla Etherton)...

Whenever I came to Northwest, I knew absolutely no one. It was scary but it encouraged me to get involved on campus. I couldn’t be happier about my decision to join several organizations. Northwest has over 150 student organizations, ranging from sports clubs, to Greek life, to academic honor societies. If there is something that you have an interest in, it’s likely that you’ll find an organization here to meet your needs! Not only does getting involved give you the chance to make a ton of friends and awesome memories, but it’s a great resume builder too.
The job market is super competitive right now, and showing that you were involved or held leadership positions during your time in college is a great advantage that you could have. Employers want active minds with interpersonal skills, and a great way to show that you have just that is through being an active member in an organization!
If you have any questions about how to get involved on campus or have any particular interest that you want to pursue, shoot me an email at s507919@mail.nwmissouri.edu. Also, make sure to check out the link to see all of the student organizations that Northwest has to offer! Get out there and get involved, it could be just the thing that lands you your dream job.

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Free Tutoring on Campus...Where Learners and Resources Meet!


232 Owens Library

For Individual or Groups appointments, call TDC (660) 562-1726

For SI appointments, check the SI Schedule

For Any further help or assistance, contact the TDC: tdc@nwmissouri.edu


Okay, so you need some help with your classes.

You may find that your university experience is a lot different from your previous educational experiences. That's okay you're not alone. Maybe in high school you got good grades without really studying. Or maybe you're a little rusty on certain skills. Acknowledging that you can use some help and may need to learn some new study strategies is a big step. This is where the Talent Development Center is here for you! Smart students know when to ask for help.

If you have not taken advantage of all the TDC has to offer, here’s your chance! One-on-one or group tutoring is available in nearly all of the general education courses and many upper division, high demand courses. Supplemental Instruction (SI) is another form of group tutoring. While the TDC is a popular and extremely helpful resource, they are not the only place you can go for help. See the Related Links for offices that make up Northwest's academic support network on the TDC website (link provided below).

Talent Development Center website link: http://www.nwmissouri.edu/tdc/index.htm