Monday, October 29, 2012

Homecoming Week 2012 - Get Involved!!!

Homecoming 2012
Superheroes & Villains

October 28 - November 4, 2012

As most Northwest students know, next week marks the start of our Homecoming Week. It is a week long celebration that has events starting October 28th and continuing through November 4th. It features athletic events, entertainment, and plenty of opportunities for everyone to show their Bearcat spirit. Below is a list of the week’s events, followed by tips to staying safe so you can make the most out of the Northwest Homecoming experience.

Schedule of Events

Monday, October 22 – Friday, October 26

§  Royalty Voting – Computer Voting on CatPaws

Sunday, October 28

§  Hanging of Banners @ Noon – Student Union

§  Bearcat Soccer vs. Missouri Southern @ 1pm – Bearcat Pitch

Wednesday, October 31

§  Bearcat Volleyball vs. Central Missouri @ 7pm – Bearcat Arena

Thursday, November 1

§  Variety Show @ 7pm – Ron Houston Center for the Performing Art

§  Royalty Crowning @ 9pm (end of show) – Ron Houston Center for the Performing Art

Friday, November 2

·        WALKOUT DAY – No classes!!

·        5K Registration @ 8:30am – College Park Pavilion

·        5K Start Time @ 9:30am – College Park Pavilion

·        International Flag Raising Ceremony @ 2pm – Joyce and Harvey White International Plaza

·        Variety Show @ 7pm – Ron Houston Center for the Performing Art

Saturday, November 3

·        Parade @ 9am

·        Bearcat Football vs. Emporia State @ 2pm – Bearcat Stadium

Sunday, November 4

·        Presentation of Awards @ 11am – Charles Johnson Theater

How to Stay Safe…

Homecoming week is looked forward to by all Bearcats. It is a time for much celebration, and for many, it means celebrating a little too much. The main word of advice I can suggest for Northwest students and alumni who plan to go out during Homecoming is moderation. Be aware of your surroundings, be aware of other individuals, and be aware of what you are doing.

As always, police officers will be patrolling our campus…probably more than usual. To a certain extent, you are responsible for your own safety, so don’t overindulge in alcohol and be respectful of the police officers that you may encounter. Homecoming is a time of fun, celebration and seeing old friends, but being smart about whom you are with at all times. Controlling your actions is the key to a successful Homecoming weekend.

Monday, October 15, 2012

Need Cash??? We May Have Some For You...

In high school, we never really understand just how much college will cost us. It seems to be the biggest stress each semester. Luckily, there are so many sources that have multiple scholarships.

Student Support Services offers scholarships that are available for JUST our members.  These scholarships range from $500 all the way up to $2,000.  Your chances of receiving a scholarship with SSS are higher, due to the fact that we only serve 180 students – fewer students to compete with as compared to Northwest’s general scholarships.  All of the SSS scholarships are awarded in the Fall and are NOT automatically renewed.  More information as well as applications can be found on our SSS website at:  Deadlines will be in the Spring, so be looking for email reminders!!

Another financial resource to take advantage of is the SSS Grant Aid program- Grant Aid is federal funds that were given to our program to be disbursed to students who qualify.  In order to receive Grant Aid, you must meet the following requirements:
    1.  Be a first or second year student (your Freshman or Sophomore year)
    2.  Be Pell eligible (according to your FAFSA)
    3.  Have unmet financial need
Grant Aid does not need to be repaid (Grants never do), so this is a HUGE opportunity to take advantage of!  Grant Aid is automatically renewed as long as you meet GPA and participation requirements.  The amount may vary from year to year, but it is definitely worth looking in to!!  Grant Aid is awarded each semester and if you meet the qualifications listed above, download the application from our website at:

Fastweb is a scholarship oriented website. It allows you to view scholarships ranging from major oriented to trait oriented. It is an easy site to maneuver around. All you have to do is come up with a user name and a password and answer a few questions regarding yourself.  The questions allow the website to personalize some scholarships they will attach to your “suggested list.” Here is the link to Fastweb!

Of course there are other site that have this all you have to do is type the word “scholarships” in the search engine of Google or Yahoo. Here is a list of just a few I came across,

Northwest also offers many scholarships. If you go to the second floor of the Administration Building they have a billboard FULL of scholarships and a list of due dates. There is also a list on the Northwest homepage ( ).

These are just a few places where you can look for financial aid. Of course, there are more resources out there that are willing to help you.

Good luck and remember it may be time consuming now but you will enjoy not having to pay back all the money you had to take out in loans because you didn’t fill out all the scholarships you could have.   If you need help with financial literacy or scholarship applications, please contact Brenda in the SSS office at 660-562-1259.

Now you have a jump start for next semester!!

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Student Identity Theft...It Can Happen to YOU!!!

As a college student, you might think you're immune to identity theft because, after paying your student loans, living expenses, and funds for fun, you have little or nothing to offer a thief.

Think again. There are lots of ways in college to get your personal items stolen. People (especially college students) do not think to lock up their stuff when they leave their room or even go to the bathroom. Girls:  Don’t keep your purse on your during class and don’t leave your book bag left alone. It is very easy for someone to walk past it and take out valuable information. 
Those who are looking to steal your identity can do so with limited information.  Check books, bank cards, licences, and even Facebook pages, just to name a few.  Something as simple as you carrying  your social security card in your purse could lead to HUGE problems. 
Here is an article that talks about identify theft in college.

Why college students make prime identity theft targets

College is the time for studying, driving in circles in search of a parking spot, trying to make enough money to afford some must-have item, meeting more people than you met during the entirety of your pre-college life, and sleeping for a few hours in between.

Why are students particularly at risk for identity theft? Mainly because their credit records are mostly blank, which means they can be easily used to secure new credit. Identity thieves know this and so are specifically targeting students for identity theft.

These are the five most common ways that college students leave themselves open to identity theft:
  1. Living on campus in dorms or with roommates.
  2. Ordering clothes, books, movies, lava lamps, ping pong balls, or any other merchandise over the Internet.
  3. Throwing away credit card offers without shredding them into a million pieces.
  4. Being careless with student loan pin numbers and documentation.
  5. Using cell phones to talk about things that might be useful for an identity thief to hear.
And unfortunately, student ID numbers are used for just about everything in college. They appear on class rosters, are copied onto checks, and are etched onto campus ID cards - which are constantly shared among students.

So, hopefully this article will help you be a little more protective of what information you sharing with others around you.  No one is immune from identity theft.  Be safe, check accounts regularly, and don't share any personal information to untrusted sources!!

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Want Money & Need To Find a Job???

mOnday, oCTOBER 1, 2012


How to Find a Job While in College

Having a part-time job while you are in college will give you greater financial independence and "real world" experience. Because working during college is a necessity for many students, you should expect competition for even minimum wage positions.


Things You'll Need

·         Computers, Printers, Résumé paper—all available free at SSS
·         Newspaper Job Ads (access online or in print at the library)


1      Determine your available hours and the minimum salary you need.

2      Prepare your résumé before you even begin to look for a job. You will then be able to apply immediately when you find a job opening.

3      Check the student center for a list of part-time jobs on-campus, including clerical, bookstore and cafeteria positions.

4      Ask the managers of stores near your campus about possible job openings. Consider working for establishments where you can get food or clothing at a discount.

5      Go through the classified employment ads of your school's paper and local papers.

6      Consult with your departmental advisor about any available paid internships. Many majors require internships anyway, so it makes sense to combine part-time work and experience in your future field. But be aware that many internships are nonpaid.

7      Apply immediately when you discover a promising job opening. You should carry a copy of your résumé at all times.


Tips & Warnings

·         Be aware that on-campus jobs generally pay low hourly wages. However, they offer the convenience of being close to your classes.

·         Don't wait until well into the semester to look for a job. The good ones will get snapped up early.

·         Avoid jobs that would involve a long commute.


Did you know that Northwest has a Student Employment Coordinator?

Paula McLain serves in this role in our Human Resources Office (AD 125). She provided these helpful links that answer most of the questions students have about obtaining a job on campus:

If you have more additional questions after reading these, email Paula ( or give her a call at (660) 562-1140.


How can Student Support Services help you with your job search?

Student Support Services can help you in the job search, application & interview steps of your job hunt.


Peer mentors are often connected in to many areas on campus and may know of job openings or can help tell you about ways to go about finding one. SSS staff memebers can also prepare you for job interviews, by providing information or helping you practice with a mock interview.


SSS can also can be part of your networking in finding a job—being a reference for you or just sharing information that can lead to a job. Sometimes it’s more WHO YOU KNOW that gets you the job. Then, your employer can train you & the WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW to keep the job!


Central staff can offer guidance in helping you create your résumé if needed along with reviewing and critiquing documents already created.