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Want Money & Need To Find a Job???

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How to Find a Job While in College

Having a part-time job while you are in college will give you greater financial independence and "real world" experience. Because working during college is a necessity for many students, you should expect competition for even minimum wage positions.


Things You'll Need

·         Computers, Printers, Résumé paper—all available free at SSS
·         Newspaper Job Ads (access online or in print at the library)


1      Determine your available hours and the minimum salary you need.

2      Prepare your résumé before you even begin to look for a job. You will then be able to apply immediately when you find a job opening.

3      Check the student center for a list of part-time jobs on-campus, including clerical, bookstore and cafeteria positions.

4      Ask the managers of stores near your campus about possible job openings. Consider working for establishments where you can get food or clothing at a discount.

5      Go through the classified employment ads of your school's paper and local papers.

6      Consult with your departmental advisor about any available paid internships. Many majors require internships anyway, so it makes sense to combine part-time work and experience in your future field. But be aware that many internships are nonpaid.

7      Apply immediately when you discover a promising job opening. You should carry a copy of your résumé at all times.


Tips & Warnings

·         Be aware that on-campus jobs generally pay low hourly wages. However, they offer the convenience of being close to your classes.

·         Don't wait until well into the semester to look for a job. The good ones will get snapped up early.

·         Avoid jobs that would involve a long commute.


Did you know that Northwest has a Student Employment Coordinator?

Paula McLain serves in this role in our Human Resources Office (AD 125). She provided these helpful links that answer most of the questions students have about obtaining a job on campus:

If you have more additional questions after reading these, email Paula (pmclain@nwmissouri.edu) or give her a call at (660) 562-1140.


How can Student Support Services help you with your job search?

Student Support Services can help you in the job search, application & interview steps of your job hunt.


Peer mentors are often connected in to many areas on campus and may know of job openings or can help tell you about ways to go about finding one. SSS staff memebers can also prepare you for job interviews, by providing information or helping you practice with a mock interview.


SSS can also can be part of your networking in finding a job—being a reference for you or just sharing information that can lead to a job. Sometimes it’s more WHO YOU KNOW that gets you the job. Then, your employer can train you & the WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW to keep the job!


Central staff can offer guidance in helping you create your résumé if needed along with reviewing and critiquing documents already created.



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