Thursday, October 11, 2012

Student Identity Theft...It Can Happen to YOU!!!

As a college student, you might think you're immune to identity theft because, after paying your student loans, living expenses, and funds for fun, you have little or nothing to offer a thief.

Think again. There are lots of ways in college to get your personal items stolen. People (especially college students) do not think to lock up their stuff when they leave their room or even go to the bathroom. Girls:  Don’t keep your purse on your during class and don’t leave your book bag left alone. It is very easy for someone to walk past it and take out valuable information. 
Those who are looking to steal your identity can do so with limited information.  Check books, bank cards, licences, and even Facebook pages, just to name a few.  Something as simple as you carrying  your social security card in your purse could lead to HUGE problems. 
Here is an article that talks about identify theft in college.

Why college students make prime identity theft targets

College is the time for studying, driving in circles in search of a parking spot, trying to make enough money to afford some must-have item, meeting more people than you met during the entirety of your pre-college life, and sleeping for a few hours in between.

Why are students particularly at risk for identity theft? Mainly because their credit records are mostly blank, which means they can be easily used to secure new credit. Identity thieves know this and so are specifically targeting students for identity theft.

These are the five most common ways that college students leave themselves open to identity theft:
  1. Living on campus in dorms or with roommates.
  2. Ordering clothes, books, movies, lava lamps, ping pong balls, or any other merchandise over the Internet.
  3. Throwing away credit card offers without shredding them into a million pieces.
  4. Being careless with student loan pin numbers and documentation.
  5. Using cell phones to talk about things that might be useful for an identity thief to hear.
And unfortunately, student ID numbers are used for just about everything in college. They appear on class rosters, are copied onto checks, and are etched onto campus ID cards - which are constantly shared among students.

So, hopefully this article will help you be a little more protective of what information you sharing with others around you.  No one is immune from identity theft.  Be safe, check accounts regularly, and don't share any personal information to untrusted sources!!

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