Friday, February 15, 2013

There's An App For That - SERIOUSLY, There Is!!

Have you ever wanted to use your smart phone for something other than texting and Facebook?
While those things are great, wouldn’t it be nice if your phone could help you with your homework? And no, I’m not talking about the pre-installed calculator app. Besides the countless “Top 10 Educational App” searches you can do,  this short blog will explain a few of my favorites as well as some very useful college-level apps for your phone along with some helpful links.

Let’s first start off with the free Cornell Note-taking App for iPads. This app allows you to have the power of Cornell Note-taking at the end of your fingertips and access to free blank outlines.

·        Check it out here:       

For you educators out there, also be aware that there is a free Course Standards app. To help you with all of your planning needs. It’s free!

Since I’m more of a science nerd than anything, a lot of my favorite apps are science related. I’m pretty fond of Discover News. You can be sure to impress your professors by staying up-to-date with the breaking news in the science world. From a new dinosaur finding, to the ongoing discussion on Pluto, they’re sure to have it.
I might also suggest SkyView. This app will actually let you find any celestial body or satellite in the sky, day or night by using your phones camera; so yeah, we’ve even got Astronomy covered.  There are also several Periodic Table apps to help you with Chemistry, Google Earth for Geography and countless Anatomy related apps. If you have a class with homework, there’s probably an app for that, and that’s no joke!

So why not close out of Facebook and your Message Center (for you “multitaskers”) and give your app store a visit. Many of these apps are free and can help you towards getting the grade you want. Your phone is called a smart phone for a reason, so put it to work and let it help you take the smart road through college.

Below you will find some helpful links to some of the other top education apps on the web. Check them out; they might just make that smart phone even smarter.


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