Monday, December 3, 2012

Holiday Gift Giving on a College Budget!

Are you finding yourself hard-up for cash during this holiday’s season? Not to mention, with the stress of finals, who really needs to worry about what to put under the tree on in the stockings. Well I’m here to tell you, gifts can be bought on a college kid’s budget, and your friends and family will love them just as much as the gifts in that overly priced magazine they stuffed into your little resident hall mailbox last week.

I’m sure you know about pinching a penny during the regular school year, but what about during the holidays? It can be tempting to go overboard during the holidays. With Thanksgiving beginning to be seen as Black Friday Eve, it’s all about spending that hard earned money. But as college students, we can’t always afford to “make it rain.”

This season, if your Northwest bill it still showing a significant balance, and you can’t see a way to swing buying gifts, try your hand and being crafty. It’s not hard to make a little something from the heart, just like you did when you were little. And rest assured, your friend or loved one will appreciate it just as much. Or perhaps write an individualized letter. A page long letter or poem telling your family and friends thank you for all the things they’ve done may not be worth as much as the recent Powerball jackpot, but it will no doubt be close to value in their hearts.

But rest assured, crafts and words from the hearts are not the only “cheap gifts” to give. There are tons of websites available with amazing deals around the world. Amazon, Etsy, and as well as eBay can prove to be vital allies during the holidays. With one cent auctions and great shipping deals the whole family can be bought for without your wallet/purse screaming too much.

And don’t forget your local businesses. It’s always a good idea to shop local, and oddly enough, some of the best and unique gifts can be found. Remember, the holiday season, while it is good to open up that expensive electronic, it’s not all about the gifts and presents. It really is the thought that counts, and if all you can afford if a hug, rest assured, that will most certainly be enough. Don’t let the worry and stress of being short on money keep you from enjoying the holidays. It was never meant to be about the presents anyways.

Have a happy and safe holiday season!

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