Wednesday, September 5, 2012

You're Here, Now Get Involved!

Well, the first week of classes are now complete!!  You survived, and hopefully now you feel at least a little more organized and prepared than you were week 1.  Our SSS Mentors are now in full swing, and have contacted each of their Mentees (that's you) to set up your first one-on-one meeting!  These meetings are not only our way of connecting with you, but a way for you to get connected to what is happening on campus!

A lot of research has been done showing that students who are involved on their campus have higher GPA's, higher retention rates, and are overall more happy with their college experience than students who are not 'connected' with something on campus.  That's the point of today's blog...get connected to SOMETHING.  ANYTHING.  Whether you choose intramurals to feed your competitive hunger or Greek life for a lifelong connection to a group, get involved!

If you are reading this thinking, "there is nothing out there for someone like me" then you haven't looked hard enough (or you just don't know where to look).

Northwest offers more than 150 student organizations, encompassing social, religious, athletic, political, artistic and performing activities and interests. Whether you are interested in participating in student government, fraternities or sororities, multicultural groups, sports clubs or academic clubs, this site can help you get started and get you connected to the Northwest community. Find an organization that interests you -- and get involved! (

Still not convinced??   There are many reasons for joining an organization on campus, including:
  • Opportunities for socialization
  • Opportunities to work with others as a member or a team
  • Opportunities for leadership development
  • Opportunities for career enhancement (resume materials)
  • Opportunities for weekend involvement
  • Opportunities to network with faculty and administrators
  • Opportunities to develop life-long friendships
  • Opportunities to develop new interests and expand your horizons
  • Opportunities to lean about other cultures'
  • Opportunities to improve/enhance communication skills

  • Sounds like there are plenty of opportunities out there - now, go and find them!!  College life should be academic based, but you MUST have a balance of both social and academic events to really be successful at college. 

    Stop by the SSS office if you have any questions about how to get involved on campus.  Our student mentors are great resources (AND they are super cool people with a social life to die for!!). 

    Have a great day!! 

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